How I learned about sex…


Confession: I used to go to the library sometimes as a pre-teen and read the Harlequins. PDR class (Personal Development and Relationships) was proving pretty useless in regards to teaching me what really goes on, though in hindsight so were the Harlequins.

Without a doubt, the best thing about Harlequins are the covers (except, perhaps that one line I still remember which decribes how the hero’s paralysis is cured by some “toe-curling” action.) Anyway, all New Yorkers should attend this exhibition of Harlequin cover art and write a report about it. Sneak in your camera. The rest of us can check out this cute slideshow:

I especially like this one: she’s so blasé about the shit happening behind her. “Where IS my lipstick?” Second place goes to the frustrated RCMP officer cover. I mean, there’s even a deer head!


~ by carrotfarm on June 3, 2009.

One Response to “How I learned about sex…”

  1. I read a great account of the manly-cover-model selection process by somebody who works at Harlequin. It seems that if you actually own a uniform, you get bonus points. So on audition days, they’ve got lines down the hall…of firemen! Genius.

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