A New Category for Y’all: “Amazing people I’ve shared cake with”: Carl David Ruttan!

When I first met Carl it was by chance after a Jazz Fest show. I remember being very grumpy about the fact that Resevoir “does not make martinis.” In fact, I’m still grumpy about that. But, sipping on my lame excuse for a whiskey sour, we got talkin’ bout his art and now I am tellin’ you to dance your fingers this way: http://studiotaro.com/Carl.htm

His website makes me so happy and so sad that I missed his recent “finissage.” Thus I  feel blessed to have been gifted a collage magnet by him from the distroboto at Zoobizarre (who DO make a yummy Guinness and Cider mixed drink btw…). And yes, I got to eat cake with this awesome artist at a recent house party. Damn, I’m lucky. 

What could be in this cute little box?

What could be in this cute little box?


Oh! It is an amazing little magnet!


you know what to do


~ by carrotfarm on August 12, 2009.

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