is the lovechild of various friends, desk-job and Meaghan Thurston. The latter lives in Montréal when not incurring great credit debt travelling. Desk job is fired.

Friends are encouraged to send writing, illustrations or photography (or other) to carrotfarmmontreal@gmail.com. Tell me about the work and also include the answer to this question: what is your favorite vegatable?

Featured People:

John Wall Barger: After a few years in the U.S., John Wall Barger grew up in Nova Scotia, and then moved away to Vancouver, Ottawa, Rome, Prague, and Dublin. He has lived in the north end of Halifax on and off for the last ten years. Over the last five years, he has taken part in many readings and workshops across Canada. His poems and reviews have appeared in The Malahat Review, Grain, Arc, Prism, Prairie Fire, and other journals. Last year he was included in the inaugural volume of The Best Canadian Poetry 2008 (Tightrope Press, ed. Stephanie Bolster). John’s first book of poems, Pain-proof Men, will be published with Palimpsest Press in September 2009. He is presently working on translating a book of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s poems into English.

Lily Mead Martin: http://www.myspace.com/lilymeadmartin

Kate Morris: http://forgottenenglishandotheroddities.blogspot.com/

Carl David Ruttan: www.studiotaro.com



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