The story of these particularly hyperactive dogs

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One Sentence Stories was hilarious

and fun. I took some pics of people

in all states of giggle and

perplexion to prove it:


The Gazette bein’ trendy:


No ordinary flower

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Lily Mead Martin

is an artist, musician and the most Celestial lady I’ve ever made friends with. Capital C Celestial. She had a show of her work entitled Traduire Fleur at my ad hoc gallery, The Mohair Salon, in December which was super fun.  Stay tuned for a second show to come in July… To tempt you, here’s one of her surreal organic drawings and also  some flowers for your ears


Why Carrotfarm? Your daily nudge, nudge.

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“Debt is like air –

something we take for granted

until things go wrong. And then,

while gasping for breath, we

become              very

interested in it.”

carrot pssssst. click on the carrot…

(And… if anyone other than my

mother and my bff read this…some

kudos to the keyless)

Some night last month I took this Montreal MIRROR writer, ROXANE HUDON, home for tea  ‘cuz she was locked outta her pad and looking so sad and pitiful on St. Zotique in the rain. She was way cool. She is writing about equally great fest, that I think we should all go to it

Miranda July = GOD

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I’d forgotten how much I love her

Miranda my love

Thanks to the Globe and Mail for somewhat surreptitiously reminding me about my love for her short stories. The Globe is running a summer short stories series which I suggest following. This week, Tolstoy.  I hope they include one of hers. She’s so pretty and weird. “Sigh.”

The anti-fairytale?

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075 bride and groom

Upon return from a soul-shaking 7 months in Guatemala, I took up residence in Halifax when if I hadn’t have met

John Wall Barger

with his quirky sense of humour and his trusty dog, Ruka, I would have shriveled up and slithered into the harbour sludge.

Johnny, as he is known to all, is a Hali-personality; you might find him sipping tea at Bob and Lori’s on the infamous Gottigen street (if you go, have the avocado sandwich).

Among many other credits, he was included in The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2008 anthology, edited by the indomitable Stephanie Bolster. Palimpest is launching his first book, Pain Proof Men, in September:

I’m thrilled with this rather apocalyptic piece he submitted to Carrotfarm! Newly-weds and the newly engaged be warned.

The Bride

shatters stained glass hauling her ass out of the chapel

white sash floating & bridesmaids baying

she leaps onto the hood of your car screeching backwards.

The bride looks very hungry. She blasts a Porsch Spider toward you

where you stand on a zebra crossing. You

are not the groom but I do not care! she moans

loping through a packed train station, white dress gaping open

like she were leading a revolution. She limps past nuns

who cross themselves & speak the sacred names,

she smells a sweaty undershirt of yours, scanning the glass buildings

like a blood dog. You forget her, but somewhere

she is taking your measure with dolls & tacks & compasses.

Che avventura! On a faroff strada you sip a ghost’s portion of wine,

a woman beside you says, “Wouldn’t you agree

that when two souls meet who have spent their time searching for beauty

there is recognition?” “Sure,” you say, but now she’s on all fours

& her eyes are grey & she is drooling.

I hope my therapist does not make art about me

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Last night I went to an art exhibit by psychiatrists at Galerie Frezza Lesage, which is a newish gallery in my hood. Some of the work was really interesting, most notably a chia-pet inspiried Crucifixion by Pierre Leichner and a series of eerie, but fascinating pastel and watercolour drawings by Jaswant Guzder. Jaswant explained that her drawings were inspired by years spent listening as a therapist to the confessing among us. I couldn’t help but wonder why these yellow canaries kept showing up in her work. What’s with the birds? Do many of us have bird phobias?

Though not the best work in the show (though definetely the most colourful), I really enjoyed talking to Haitain born artist Alix Rey. He was by far one of the happiest people I’ve ever met. Way to break down the stereotype that all shrinks are really depressives, Alix!

Anyway, if you are in the Italian part of town in search of canoli (GO TO ROMA, best canoli in town) take a peek at this show:  6378 boul. St-Laurent. They might even have more free wine tonight.


How I learned about sex…

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Confession: I used to go to the library sometimes as a pre-teen and read the Harlequins. PDR class (Personal Development and Relationships) was proving pretty useless in regards to teaching me what really goes on, though in hindsight so were the Harlequins.

Without a doubt, the best thing about Harlequins are the covers (except, perhaps that one line I still remember which decribes how the hero’s paralysis is cured by some “toe-curling” action.) Anyway, all New Yorkers should attend this exhibition of Harlequin cover art and write a report about it. Sneak in your camera. The rest of us can check out this cute slideshow:

I especially like this one: she’s so blasé about the shit happening behind her. “Where IS my lipstick?” Second place goes to the frustrated RCMP officer cover. I mean, there’s even a deer head!